I have always enjoyed writing; it is one of my favorite pastimes, in my past I have written academic documents as well as personal narratives.  Some used for school, and some were for my own enjoyment.  I have written several stories and segments of novels over the past years; unfortunately, I find the opportunities to show the writing style I accelerate in, fictional or personal narratives, extremely rare in school.  Imagination is a beautiful thing, yet instead of embracing it, it is inhibited in academia.  So as a creative writer forced to scribe objects of emotionless substance, the overall product is not what I could have wished for.  Saying that such makes me a subpar writer however, is audacious.

I know for a fact I am a quality writer since I have taken AP English classes, and have gotten many complements from academic individuals. My knowledge of grammar is nothing to laugh at either. I had spent three out of my four years in high school under the guidance of my schools most challenging English teacher.  His conviction was amazing, he would say to his class “I do not care if my score of ratemyteacher.com goes down, or if you all think I am a hard ass. My goal is not to be your friend; it is to ensure you become quality writers” (Shakely, Tom).  I admired his emotion when teaching the subject, and his specifically strict grammar rules.  He taught me that the word “very” is a terrible and weak adjective and adverb, and that the verb “to be” was bland and unimaginative.  Hence forth, I redesigned my writing style to be interesting, involved, and sophisticated.

I do not believe my grade should be determined on all the limitations and inhibitions choking my personal writing style, but it should be on the skill level and potential of the writer. I have the option one through six sentences templates memorized, advanced usage of grammatical phrases, not even covered, and in some cases discouraged, in this course i.e. gerunds, absolute, and even the simple and personal favorite participial. In the event that quality and detail is not sacrificed by the “Paramedic method,” it would be easy to determine a writer’s skill, merely by the sophistication of his/her vernacular.  However with the removal of auxiliary verbs and many adverbial and adjectival phrases, the creativity is also removed.

Forced to write under these condition, I believe that I am producing quality work, and am being criticized on it for reason such as being “out of the preferred format” when substance wise, there is nothing wrong.  My abilities should provide me an A in the class.  The strength in my belief is equivalent to a buttressed wall, so I am willing to defend my skills to any opposition.  To earn my A, I can and will, grammatically tear through any peer reviews, and outwit obsolete logic, to ensure that my colleges know of my skill, and that each word I write is with reason.