The progress is the means to the end. I have made much advancement in the planning process since the class. I never really noticed my capabilities thoroughly as I would have before, but this class has broadened my knowledge and the ability to learn a bit broader. I became more aware of what my capabilities were. In process one could find that three drafts of all of all the essays, written will be listed. This evidence exhibits the copious amount of effort I put forth in ensuring that the final drafts were as concise as possible. Throughout the semester I immersed myself in large amounts of analytical reading, synthesized some formal essays, all while presenting the information clearly and concisely. Especially with dealing with critical reading, formal writing, and public speaking, I grew to be more being a lot more confident in dealing with them. I have become a lot immensely confident in my writing. I have learned that feedbacks really do help with writing.

I have learned that in the writing processes and expectations in the larder academic community has a lot more pressure and baggage to consider. Since people would be looking for specific and certain things which make it a bit tad stressful and frustrating at times since the stress of wanting to do well, and to portray that in a work like an essay can be overwhelming. The progress that I have gained pertaining to the skills of public speaking and particular audiences is that in order to capture the audience, confidence in work is a must, in my work, and in my words. That I should not be afraid, but rather be prepared for any mishaps or questions that anyone would ask. Overall, I have learned a great deal in writing 10 and I am very glad that I have classmates that I can rely on, along with my Professor.


Set in Stone

The pdf  typed

Set in Stone (Handwritten) p1

Set in Stone (Handwritten) p2

Set in Stone (Handwritten) p3

These were definitely works in progress, grammar, sentence structure, vocab, word count, and even titles, were edited throughout this process.

Persona of a Killer Draft 1 (brought to class)

Persona of a Killer Draft 2 (Brought to Class)

Persona of a Killer Draft 3

The Drafts of The Café Society

Cafe draft 1

Non-scanned draft 3

Cafe Draft 3

Love me Hate me Draft 1

Love me hate me draft 1

Love me Hate me draft 2

3rd Draft Love Me Hate Me

3 drafts of “Prologue: Lost and Exiled”

Prologue: Lost and Exiled draft 1

Prologue: Lost and Exiled draft 2

Prologue: Lost and Exiled draft 3