Well craft is an interesting thing, arguable the most important part of writing too. Many say the process is important but rough drafts are not graded, or published, well at least not initially, the main focus is on the finished product.  Completion is in the human nature, society looks at it as the final word for someone.  Process is merely a means to an end.

Craft after all is technically referred to as a profession that requires some particular kind of skilled work. As well as an action and object. Crafting is creating something, and a craft is a work of art. In English, to describe something as a craft is to describe it as lying somewhere between an art (which relies on talent) and a science (which relies on knowledge). In this sense, the English word craft is roughly equivalent to the ancient Greek term “techne.”

Writing is defiantly an art, it is an art that allows the artist to embrace and learn new techniques for its creation.  We began with an analytical essay for In Cold Blood; mine was “Persona of a Killer.” Then we moved to another topic.  Below is my historical reference style essay “The Café Society” about jet setters and an interesting historical lifestyle. Then is the compare and contrast essay, “Love Me, Hate Me.”  Comparing and contrasting the hearts of different types of villains. For the finale, is a wonderful personal narrative, “Prologue: Lost and Exiled,” which is a fan adaption of what an alternate into to the story Wicked and/or The Wizard of Oz. This transcendence of one sort of writing style should be able to demonstrate the sophistication of my thoughts yes, but as well as the interesting effects of certain grammar and tones in different genres of writing.


The Final Draft of “A Human Reaper” Renamed to “Persona of a Killer”

With Detached Bibliography since Bibliography is not counted in Word Counts.

Persona of a Killer

Persona of a Killer (Bibliography)

The Final Draft of “The Café Society”

References added to the word count.

The Café Society

The Final Draft of “Love Me, Hate Me”

word count before references was 994

Love Me, Hate Me

The Final draft of Essay 4 “Prologue:  Lost and Exiled”

A personal narrative of a potential prologue of Wizard of Oz/ Wicked.

Prologue: Lost and Exiled